The Portersville Muddy Creek Township Volunteer Ambulance Service provide emergency medical service to the citizens of Muddy Creek Township: 
To report an emergency in Muddy Creek Township you must dial 9-1-1.  Listed below is the non-emergency contact information for the Ambulance Service.  Do not call this number to report an emergency.

Portersville Muddy Creek Twp Volunteer EMS 
1122 W Portersville Rd
Portersville, PA 16051

There are approximately 15 dedicated men and women that make up the emergency services for Muddy Creek Township. 

Any person wishing to become a member of the Volunteer EMS in Muddy Creek Township should contact the Rescue Captain.  Being a member of a Volunteer Service is not only a way to volunteer your time to your community but also a way to make new friends and acquaintances. 

To Portersville EMS for winning the 2008 Best Appearing Ambulance at the Saxonburg Firemen's Parade!!